You fell for France, a beautiful and varied country with a rich culture and cuisine. The French people are pleasant bon vivants, eating and drinking are favourite activities of a Frenchman. He is rightly proud of this heritage. Life is simple but good. All ingredients are present for a beautiful life or a new business adventure.

You have left the hectic life in the Netherlands or England behind you and are in the happy possession of an authentic (holiday) house in the French countryside, where time seems to have stood still. It may not be the case just yet, but you may have plans to realise this soon.

Or perhaps you have fresh ideas and see opportunities to start doing business in France. You want to arrange things well, after all, you are used to do it that way.

The English and the French speak a different language and regularly stumble over subtle misunderstandings. The basis of this lies not so much in words as in customs, unwritten rules and the resulting sensitivities. This has its charm to some extent. However, it does bother you when you do not receive clear information or when appointments are not kept. It gets annoying when you are stuck between a rock and a hard place and not being taken seriously. You feel trapped in a web of regulations and bureaucracy, you are genuinely irritated and ... the peace or the sense of entrepreneurship is gone.

Be sensible and don't let it get that far. Enter that geniality and accept the French mentality, which will not change for the time being. Deep inside you don't want that either, because you have fallen for this beautiful country, where people can still enjoy life. Passe Partout offers you independent, expert and practical advice to realise your plans.